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Life coaching is a series of individual sessions designed to support you in achieving your unique version of amazing.

Available in North America by phone and worldwide by Zoom.


Let's get together and learn something new.


Working with others can be hard. 

Let's talk.

Lead Your Life

Experience life with less drama, more joy and no regrets!

Affinities Solutions offers Life Coaching, Workshops and Mediation services to help you access your inner knowing and wisdom to find new ways of being and doing in the world.


About Adrienne

Life and Leadership Coach

Adrienne is a fearless agent of change. 

Personal evolution, community resilience and organizational transformations are her jam.




Boss Lady, Vancouver

"Adrienne has assisted me on getting clear on my own inner strengths,  values and purpose. I have experienced her to be a fully present, integral coach who asks thought provoking questions in such a way that I was able to find my own answers. She is playful, fun, relateable and makes the coaching journey a joy!"


Success Coach, Spain

"Adrienne is my go-to board of advisers. She sees big, she thinks sharp, and she intuits deep. Both my work and my person are up-levelled after each conversation. She is full of insight and laughter -- she has your back!"

Youth Worker, Victoria

"I reached out to Adrienne during a difficult period with some burning questions that I wasn't sure there were any answers to. With her supportive and nurturing presence over the phone I found I was able to navigate some tough issues and connect with my authentic self in a way that I was yearning for. She has a fresh and fun approach to this work that made the conversation less daunting and more full of joy than I previously could have imagined. I would recommend her as a life coach to anyone in any scenario."

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Sample Session

Coaching is a different kind of conversation.

The best way to understand the power and potential of working with a Coach is to experience it first hand.

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